Nubax Trio Review

The Nubax Trio – a device for relief of back pain by spinal decompression.

I purchased the Nubax Trio about 5 months ago, and have to highly recommend it for anyone needing an effective back pain remedy.  I got it from the Healthy Back Institute, after getting their free books.

It all started when I was 15, which admittedly is quite a while ago.   I played for hours with some younger kids, with them riding on my shoulders and me tossing them from my shoulders onto a mattress.   Great fun for them at the time, but not very bright on my part.

I spent the next 3 days in bed, unable to move, and have had pretty severe back and neck problems since then, which often would flare up into migraines lasting 2-3 days.

I eventually was able to relieve my back pain to some degree with back exercises, lower back pain stretches, chiropractic adjustments and living without caffeine.

Then in 2004 I unloaded a 40′ container, and herniated a disk in my lower back, with excruciating pain.   Chiropractic adjustments made no difference, exercise was out of the question and caffeine was not an issue as I had been off coffee for years.

Expensive Back Pain Remedy

The only thing that helped – and helped instantly – was spinal decompression.   I had Vax-D therapy, a back pain remedy which basically involves pulling your shoulders away from your hips, thus stretching the part of the spine between the shoulders and the hips.

Instant back pain relief.  I felt things popping in my spine, and the pain vanished. Each session last about 1 hour, while the spine is stretched repeatedly, creating a vacuum in the disks between your vertebrae.  This vacuum sucks in fluids and nutrients, which helps the disk to heal.   Also, the vacuum sucks in the part of the disk which is pressing on the nerves in your spine, thus greatly reducing or eliminating the pain.

Now, the only disadvantages to Vax-D therapy are time (1-hour sessions), location (at your practitioner’s office) and cost (about $100 per session).   But it handled my herniated disk without surgery, and for the next 6 years I had only minor back problems.

In 2010, feeling particularly invulnerable and reckless, I again put my back under great strain, and suddenly felt very fragile.  Pain radiated from my lower back down my left leg, and it felt like the smallest wrong movement would again put me out of business with a herniated disk.

I knew Vax-D therapy would handle it, but did not have the time to travel repeatedly to the nearest chiropractor with a Vax-D table.

I tried inversion therapy – hanging upside down to stretch your spine – but found it uncomfortable, inconvenient and of limited benefit.

Better Back Pain Remedy

Then I found the Nubax Trio online at the Healthy Back Institute and bought it.   Assembly was easy, and after a week of using it twice a day for about 5 minutes my back started making popping sounds and the stretching was obvious. Far more stretching than the inversion therapy provided, and with much better control.   My lower back was getting better every day, and after a month it felt better than it had in 10 years.

The Nubax Trio brilliantly uses gravity to stretch your spine, by leveraging the weight of your upper body to pull your shoulders away from your thighs and hips.    The pull on your upper arms and shoulders takes a little getting used to, but if you adjust the Nubax Trio correctly for your size your shoulders and arms will get used to it within a few days.   Best of all, you control the amount of stretch, and I find that with each breath my spine stretches a little more while I simply relax.

While not really designed for handling neck problems – since it doesn’t stretch that part of your spine – it has actually helped my neck enormously.   Most likely this is a result of fixing misalignments in my lower back that were contributing to neck misalignments.

At $299, the Nubax Trio has been a small miracle.    Instead of doing Vax-D once a week at $100 per visit, I get the same stretch twice a day with the Nubax Trio, in the comfort of my home, and it takes me only 10 minutes a day.

The only single complaint I have is that the 2 knobs on the side of the unit tend to loosen up by themselves.   So you just need to check them every other day or so, and tighten them if they are loose.   It seems like a very simple thing to fix, so maybe by the time you get yours this will have been corrected.

Still, this is a very tiny problem and barely rates a mention in comparison with the benefits – no surgery, no weekly Vax-D visits, a much stronger and flexible back, and the benefits this has had indirectly on improving my neck.

Do try this back pain remedy at home

Try the Nubax Trio – I think you will love it as much as I do, and finally have a back pain remedy that makes a huge difference without medication or surgery.

Philip Jepsen
April 7, 2011


4 Responses to Nubax Trio Review

  1. Try lock washers with the knobs. (washers with a slice in ’em)

  2. Good suggestion! Thanks Mr. Handyman!

  3. Yep – have a nubax and it honestly has changed my life – I would recommend it for anyone who has lower to mid back pain. Its the best thing I have used and believe me I have used everything!

  4. Richard & Julie White

    We are looking at this machine for back relief.
    One of us fractured 3 vertebrae in 2010. T11 T12 L1 and T 11 is inside of T 12 which casues the nerves to have no place to go home. She received facet injections which lasted 6 months, but when it was time for another the insurance refused to pay for it, so the spine dr. burned the nerves which helps a lot and lasts up to a year, but there is more pain in the back when using the arms too much.
    I just had my third epidural for a bulge in my disk and hope the pain will be gone this time. Will this ubax Trio help us both and how do we know how to use it?
    thank you for your reply.

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