Natural Pain Relief

It is amazing how many side effects have to be disclosed on pain medication ads.   And to a large extent, it is even more amazing that we take them despite the side effect warnings.

Mostly because the alternatives are not known.   I have been dealing with joint inflammation due to some allergies, and started using Heal-n-Soothe from the Healthy Back Institute.   As recommended I took 3 capsules twice a day.

After 3 days I realized that the joint inflammation and the pain that goes with it was at least 50% less than normal, and that I hadn’t been concerned or distracted by it for a couple days.   I maintained this for a couple weeks, and then changed my schedule and stopped taking the Heal-n-Soothe.   About 5 days later, the inflammation and pain was back to the earlier level of being rather uncomfortable and distracting.

I have now been taking it again for 2 days and both inflammation and pain levels are back down.

With zero side effects and all-natural ingredients, what is not to love?  And they are giving away free bottles this week.

Philip Jepsen
May 19, 2011



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