Get Rich Click! Book Review

You may well have heard of the book called Get Rich Click!

Get Rich Click!

It was released about a month ago, and it is already a New York Times Bestseller, #1 at Barnes and Noble, #1 in the Wall Street Journal, and #1 in USA Today!

It was written by Marc Ostrofsky and is confidently billed as “The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet”.

The book does in fact cover an enormous range of methods of making money on the Internet, and does so in an entertaining but surprisingly concise manner.  It is extremely thorough and comprehensive, but each chapter is short and densely packed with the information you most need to know.

Each method of making money online is covered, with clear instructions on how to implement that method.  Each chapter includes one or more examples of people or companies that have successfully used that method in a spectacular way, and has tips on how you can make the most using this method of generating online revenue.   Also most chapters have suggestions on doing something that you can start rapidly, and which you can make unique and new.

Additionally each chapter has links to additional resources on the book’s companion website, so that instead of having an enormous book, the book is lazer-precise, short and to the point in each chapter, and able to cover a lot of ground.   The reader can thus select which internet business model to pursue, and use the links to get much more data, links and even video.

There are QR codes – a special kind of ‘barcode’ in most chapters which your smartphone can scan and use to bring video interviews or websites onto your smartphone display.

With his companies grossing over $75 million annually, Ostrofsky clearly knows what he is talking about, and has made all of it easily understandable in plain language devoid of fluff.  The density of useable data is impressive.  He has himself used (very successfully) most of the methods he describes, and cuts right through to the key things you need to know about each method.

The book is endorsed by many of the top names in Internet marketing, including Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Joel Comm, Bill Walsh, Mike Koenigs, Keith Ferrazi, Mike Filsaime, Robert Allen, Anthony Morrison, Mark Victor Hansen, and more.

Whether you have already made lots of money on the Internet, have barely gotten started or have only thought of doing something to make money online, this book will be of benefit.  It will trigger new ideas or show you how you can improve what you are already doing.

Get Rich Click! is available online of course, with special offers for buyers who purchase the book.



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